As the team behind Awson Bicycles, we are excited to extend an exclusive sponsorship opportunity to your esteemed organization. Awson Bicycles, a Swiss-made brand, stands at the forefront of the cycling industry, offering a range of high-quality bikes that combine precision engineering, sleek design and unparalleled performance.

Why Partner with Awson Bicycles?
  • Swiss Excellence: Nestled in the heart of Switzerland, Awson Bicycles epitomizes Swiss craftsmanship. Our carbon frame sets and wheelsets guarantee a unique riding experience, blending speed, agility, and comfort. Whether it’s conquering mountain trails or cruising through city streets, our bikes deliver excellence.

  • Dealer Network: Awson Bicycles boasts an extensive network of dealers across Switzerland. These passionate partners share our vision for cutting-edge cycling technology and are eager to explore new products. By joining hands with Awson, your brand gains access to a dynamic market hungry for innovation.

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We invite you to explore the possibilities of collaboration with Awson Bicycles. Let’s propel the cycling world forward together. 
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