about us

Awson Bicycles reflect the core values of our vision – highest quality, pure design and easy handling.

Pure passion

We are passionate about flawless frames, perfect technology, high-quality components and pure, minimalist design. We are experts and enthusiasts for high-quality bicycles.

Perfect bikes

Our super-light carbon frames combine maximum stiffness, perfect agility and ultimate comfort. In collaboration with renowned Swiss designers, Awson has realised its vision of bicycles that meet the highest demands. 

Striving for perfection

For years we have been working on our vision of a unique, first-class bike that combines speed, performance and comfort. The natural shape of these bikes speaks for itself.

Quality first

Quality is our top priority. We focus on high-quality components and perfect design. We do not use inferior parts and always go the extra mile. 

The trust of professionals

We work with professional riders who test our bikes under the most extreme conditions. Their feedback is constantly incorporated into the further development of our bikes. Ultra professionals like Hans-Rudolf Nyfeler, winner of the “RAAM” or the ultracycling event “Audax Suisse” trust in Awson bicycles.

Reliable partners

Awson sources all components from long-standing, reliable partners to ensure the highest quality. We rely on a growing network of experienced authorised dealers who stand for maximum quality.

Designed in Switzerland

Our bikes are designed, conceptualised and assembled in Switzerland. We employ former professional riders who have years of experience as mechanics for professional teams. Our bikes are made by pros for pros. 

Since 2020

Awson bicycles was founded in 2020 as a GmbH in Nidau on Lake Biel. In 2021, the company was converted into a limited company and taken over by a group of investors.

Every bike from Awson Bicycles is assembled by hand in Switzerland in Nidau on Lake Biel. The assembly is carried out by ex-bike professionals who have worked as professional mechanics for professional cycling teams for several years. Our BIKES are "From Pros for Pros".